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Podiatrist Durham. Experts in the treatment of conditions affecting the foot and lower limb

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Podiatrist. James Hogg

Podiatrist. James Hogg

Podiatrist. James Hogg

Podiatrist. James Hogg

Podiatrist. James Hogg

Sports Therapist. Jason Stobbs

Modern Clinic

We are a Podiatry practice that prides itself in its one-on-one approach to patient care. Our welcoming and professional team are committed to delivering the highest standards of podiatry and chiropody treatment whilst exceeding your expectations with our service. The podiatry clinic is easy to find at 30B High Street North, Langley Moor, Durham, DH7 8JG. Free parking to front and rear of clinic.

Biomechanics Centre

If you suffer with foot pain, knee pain and back pain our Biomechanical Assessment will examine your gait and foot and lower limb function to screen for potential dysfunction. Our range of semi bespoke Orthotics and custom made Orthotics can be prescribed to correct or improve foot function. We have an onsite Biomechanics centre with pressure plate technology.

James Hogg Podiatry Services

A Biomechanical Assessment is an investigation into the structure and function of your foot and lower limb with the purpose of identifying abnormalities, dysfunction and compensations in your musculoskeletal system. The underlying cause of common injuries such as foot pain, knee pain and back pain can often be attributed to inefficient or faulty foot mechanics

High Performance, Custom made Orthotics designed for you. Our shoe inserts / Orthotics have been developed by leading industry experts and are worn by many elite sports people around the world. You can now benefit from our innovative system to teat your pain and injury

We provide expert podiatry treatment using a blend of traditional techniques and high spec modern equipment . Our Chiropody / Podiatry treatments are 30 minute appointments and are carried out in a professional and welcoming environment. Treatment for common foot problems such as hard to cut toenails, corns, hard skin and fungal nail infections.

If self-treatment is not working and /or the verrucae appears to be getting larger or more painful, you should seek the help of a HCPC registered podiatrist. Additionally, if you have diabetes, poor circulation, are pregnant or any other condition affecting your feet (or your immune system), it is important never to treat verrucae yourself and visit a podiatrist instead. We use Silver nitrate to treat your verrucas. A course of treatments is usually required for success

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