Biomechanical Assessment

Allowing you to train and exercise without pain and injury

A Biomechanical Assessment is an investigation into the structure and function of your feet and lower limb with the purpose of identifying abnormalities, dysfunction and compensations in your musculoskeletal system. The underlying cause of common injuries such as foot pain, knee pain and back pain can often be attributed to inefficient or faulty foot mechanics.

Biomechanical Assessment Centre Durham

On site Biomechanics lab for assessment and treatment of foot knee and back pain. Accurate assessment is the key to understanding the cause of your injury

Gait analysis. Benefit from being assessed using high specification diagnostic equipment including our foot pressure plate system

Sports Injury and Injury Prevention. James has treated national and international athletes from across the North East of England

In-house Orthotics Lab. High performance custom made orthotics

Experienced in treating biomechanical injuries associated with the foot and lower limb. Comprehensive Biomechanical Assessment

We can treat foot pain, knee pain, and back pain effectively

Individual treatment plans, tailored to your needs

Foot, Knee, Back Pain ?

Biomechanical assessment

What is involved in a Biomechanical Assessment?

biomechanical assessment
  • Biomechanical Assessment. Traditional manual assessment of your musculoskeletal system. A thorough examination of joint movements.
  • Pressure Plate TechnologySophisticated pressure plate technology to identify dysfunction and imbalance. We can record your footprint as you stand, walk or run and analyse the data

Appointment details

  • The assessment will take around 45 minutes to an hour
  • If possible please wear shorts. This enables us to examine your lower limb mechanics more easily.
  • Please bring any training shoes or footwear you commonly wear
biomechanical assessment

Individualised Treatment Plans

  • Identification of the Injury and the likely cause of injury
  • Exercises to Stretch and Strengthen muscles and joints
  • A discussion about your daily activity to identify potential overuse
  • Footwear Advice
  • Referral to physiotherapy if and when required.

In some cases we recommend Orthotics (shoe inserts) to improve foot and lower limb function. Any prescription of orthotics will be discussed prior to being made.

  • Orthotics where appropriate. We have sophiscticated casting technology to enable Custom made (Moulded)  Orthotics to be Manufactured in our in house Orthotics lab and in the same day if required.
  • Sports specific Orthotics Material and Designs

Please take a look at our Orthotics page for further information

A Biomechanical assessment provides the information to treat a range of injures to the musculokeletal system such as Heel Pain (plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendon pain), Knee Pain, ball of the foot pain and Tibialis Posterior Tendon Dysfunction to name but a few.

biomechanical assessment

We can effectively treat biomechanical weaknesses and aid rehabilitation from injury

biomechanical assessment knee pain
biomechanical assessment back pain

For your convenience you can book an assessment online. We welcome you to call or email if you would like any further information or to make an appointment.