High Performance, Custom made Orthotics designed for you. Our shoe inserts / Orthotics have been developed by leading industry experts and are worn by many elite sports people around the world. You can now benefit from our innovative system to teat your pain and injury

Orthotics, sometimes called shoe inserts or insoles are medical devices worn inside shoes to aid the foots ability to function efficiently. Orthotics provide support and lessen the burden on structures within the foot and there is a large amount of evidence that they are effective in treating injury. Shoe inserts can be transferred from shoe to shoe with ease and are generally light and easily accommodated in many types of shoes. It is important to note that an custom insole forms only part of a treatment plan and are prescribed in addition to stretching and strengthening exercises.

Orthotics tailored to your individual foot shape with materials specific to your demands

Slight mis-alignment of the feet can cause pain in the feet, knees and lower back. Orthotics are designed to realign and improve foot and lower limb function. From day to day fashion and city footwear to any type of sports shoe, our modular, total contact, custom made insoles will relieve painful foot conditions as well as reducing injuries and enhancing rehabilitation.

Our state of the art equipment enables us to achieve this goal, by using materials and known how, developed by industry experts and feedback from a variety of professional sportsmen and women competing at the highest level. Our custom made shoe inserts are suitable for any pursuit.

  • Sports specific orthotics
  • Shoe specific orthotics
  • Manufactured on site
  • Made the same day if required – No Lengthy turn around times

Relieve Painful Foot, knee and back conditions

biomechanical assessment

Could Orthotics (insoles) improve your walking or running and improve the symptoms of pain?

Where appropriate Orthotics are prescribed following a Biomechanical Assessment.  A Biomechanical Assessment is a 45 minute assessment of your foot and lower limb function.

We have a range of semi bespoke off the shelf Orthotics which are in some cases the most appropriate device recommended by the Podiatrist. We also sell a range of off the shelf insoles and shoe inserts which can be purchased at the clinic or online at our shop

Our Sophisticated casting technology allows high performance custom made orthotics to be manufactured on-site

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For your convenience you can book an assessment online. We welcome you to call or email if you would like any further information or to make an appointment