Phits Custom Made Orthotics

Phits Orthotics – Cutting Edge Technology

Using the very latest technology in 3D printed orthotics we can provide you with Phits custom made orthotics designed specifically for you all from our practice in Durham. Each orthotic we prescribe is designed based on a combination of a thorough Biomechanical Assessment and by directly using the results of your dynamic Footscan.

phits custom made orthotics durham

Intuitive Footscan for greater detail

We chose Phits orthotics as our solution in the design and manufacture of custom made orthotics for our patients because we believe the accuracy and quality of the orthotics is unrivalled. The highly intuitive and sensitive Footscan has over 4000 sensors which are capable of gathering intricate data. This data allows our Podiatrists to carry out a detailed analysis of your gait and biomechanics. Unlike many other 3D printed orthotics, the Phits orthotics are made using the data from a dynamic (walking or running)  Footscan and not from a static scan and therefore we feel provides the most accurate support for your feet as they move.

phits custom made orthotics durham

Phits Custom made orthotics that are right for you and your goals

This cutting edge technology is used worldwide in various settings including Biomechanical Research, Labs for elite sports men and women as well as sports clinics. The Orthotics are custom made for you by directly using the data obtained by the Footscan coupled with the input from our Podiatrists who can tweak and modify the design of your orthotic to suit your needs further. In essence the custom made orthotics are tailored to your walking or running pattern and can be designed to fit specific footwear depending on your requirements and goals.

Our Podiatrist James and John are both experienced and knowledgeable in the field of biomechanics, and on top of this have carried out the in depth training to become Phits certified to use the Footscan and interpret the data it produces.

Whether you are a casual runner, an elite athlete, recreational walker or have a job where you are on your feet all day we believe we are able to provide you with the very best custom made orthotic, but only when this is  appropriate and as part of a wider treatment plan. In some cases we believe that custom made orthotics are not required within the treatment plan or that a semi custom or off the shelf orthotic may be more appropriate.

our aim is to improve levels of comfort and help reduce the risks of pain and injury as well as help positively modify your foot and lower limb function to help with existing pain or injury. More information on Phits custom made orthotics can be found here

From Examination, prescription, fitting and monitoring progress, we have it all covered. The Phits custom made orthotics system enables a smooth process.

The steps involved in providing you with your 3D printed custom orthotics can be seen below.  A Biomechanical Assessment (which also includes an in depth examination of the structure and function of your muscles and joints) is required to carry out the Footscan and gait analysis, once this has been done your orthotics can be prescribed and manufactured. Once your orthotics are ready we will arrange a time for you to have them fitted.

Dynamic Footscan

Footscan for gait analysis

Gait Analysis

Footscan for gait analysis

3D Printing Manufacture

phits custom made orthotics manufacture


custom made orthotics for golf

Phits 3D Printed Custom Made Orthotics start to finish video of the process.