Alongside strict and robust practice procedures we work hard to ensure that you enjoy your visit to the practice and want you to have confidence that the health and safety of our patients and staff are central to what we do.

Routine Podiatry/Chiropody
A 30 minute appointment for the treatment of common foot complaints such as corns, callus, hard to cut toenails, fungal and thick toenails and cracked heels plus many more conditions can be treated in this Specialist Chiropody/Podiatry treatment
New Patient Appointment
Assessment and treatment provided in this appointment. 30 minute appointment
Diabetic Foot Assessment
Comprehensive report for your GP provided. Pulses measured with Doppler and light touch sensation measured with 10g monofilament.
Nail Surgery - 1 Toe
Includes follow up appointments and all dressings and 4 redressing appointments
Nail Surgery - 2 Toes
Includes follow up appointments and all dressings and 4 redressing appointments
Biomechanical Assessment
A 60 minute appointment. A Biomechanical Assessment involves an examination of the structure and function of the joints and the lower limbs. A series of tests and observations can lead to the identification of dysfunction and weakness. High specification pressure plate (Materialize) for ddetailed footscan and strength and conditoning plan provided
Biomechanical Assessment Child
Full Biomechanical Assessment for Children up to 15 years old. High specification pressure plate (Materialize) and strength and conditoning plan provided
Biomechanical Review Appointment
30 minutes, repeat footscan on presure plate
We can prescribe custom made orthotics as well as provide off the shelf and semi bespoke orthotics
Phits Custom Made Orthotics
State of the art 3D Printed Orthotics prescribed for you from your own footscan and assessment. Phits Orthotics are the choice of many leading Elite sports people around the world due to the quality and accuracy of the materials and technology in developing your orthotics
Sidas Custom Made Orthoitcs
Innovative Orthotics system allowing us to analyse your gait and provide you with custom made orthotics from our practice in Durham
Semi Custom Orthotics
£45- £75
High quality off the shelf orthotics which can be modified to become a semi bespoke orthotic